My name is Lisa Estrada. I've been a chef since the 1980�s beginning in the San Francisco Bay Area where I gained most of my training and opened my first restaurant and catering business. I keep current with today's cooking trends by continually teaching and attending cooking classes.
     In the early 1990�s my husband and I relocated our family to the Scottsdale Arizona. I found �Personal Chef� jobs quite plentiful in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley. After the birth of my son in 1992 it became apparent that I was needed at home.
     In 1999, with both of my children well into their school age years, I had an enormous desire to create something new for me to accomplish. I pondered to myself, �What do I have to offer this busy world?� I had been an �at-home� Mom for almost 7 years. I thought, the one thing I knew I did best �everyday� was run a family kitchen I really loved it. Most times that situation is reversed. A person with talent in the family kitchen usually ventures out to the commercial kitchen. I wanted to stay home and create the ideal family kitchen.
     I know grocery budgets. I know simmering and stirring, and keeping an eye on a toddler at the same time. I also know the exasperation of hearing "Chicken? Again?" I know the hectic scheduling, the tired exhaustion, and the driving need to care for your family. With all of that, this website was born. I have created a unique and different way of cooking for your family. The Residential Chef website is frequently updated with at least one new �synchronized menu� being added each week.
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