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     Welcome to the Well-Stocked Pantry. The wonderful thing about a virtual pantry is we don't have to worry about dust on the shelves! This list of staples will ensure that you have what you need on hand to provide flavorful, delicious meals for your family. Remember, we want to avoid the stress of last minute shopping, or being out of a necessary item. Print it out, and review it once a month to stock up that cabinet. For your convenience, there is a download of the list below, just save it to your computer and Voila! Nice and easy. This will help keep your grocery shopping organized, and reduce those "things in your cabinet you may never use" items.

In our Well-Stocked Pantry:

  Beef Stock   Bread Crumbs
  Brown Sugar   Canned Beans
  Canned Tomatoes   Canned Tuna
  Chicken Stock   Dried Pasta
  Favorite Herbs   Favorite Seasonings
  Flour   Garlic
  Honey   Olive Oil
  Onions   Peanut Oil
  Peppercorns   Potatoes
  Real Vanilla   Rice
  Sea Salt   Soy Sauce
  Sugar   Tobasco
  Vegetable Oil   Vegetable Stock
  Worcestshire Sauce
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